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Volunteer Recognition Awards

Volunteerism is the foundation upon which so many of Bloomington’s community assets are built. Not only is BUY itself completely dependent on volunteers to do all of it work, many of the other resources available to youth rely on volunteers to make them happen.

Because of these facts, BUY believes it is important to recognize and show appreciation to all of the volunteers who donate countless hours of their time to making Bloomington the great community for youth that it is. This is why every year we host a recognition event to thank our volunteers.

You can help ensure that Bloomington continues to benefit from our volunteers. Nominate volunteers you know so that they get the recognition they deserve. Attend our annual event and hear their inspiring stories. And, the next time you see one of our past awardees, please say “thank you” again on behalf of all of Bloomington for the great work they do.

Here are our past award winners:

2018 Recognition Event

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

2018 Recognition Form

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Individual Youth Recognition Award

Year Award Winners
2014 Ellen Berkowitz (JHS) Jackie Chan (JFK)
2013 Noah Nieting (JHS) Cynthia Kunkel (JHS)
2012 Paul Fourniea
2011 Bakhtawar Chaudhary
2010 Joseph Fischer (OGM) Zach Bury (JFK) Rachel Berkowitz (TJ)
2009 Michael Riebel (KHS) Emily Fischer (OGMS)
2008 Alex Pederson (KHS)
2007 Cody Lundeen (OMS) Katie Larson (KHS), Tina Wu (JHS)
2005-2006 Kassie Brown (JHS) Yahya Chaudhary (KHS) Ricky Fong (KHS)

Youth Organization Recognition Award

Year Award Winners
2014 OGM Young Women's Leadership Forum
2013 Oak Grove Middle "Pennies for Patients" Student Organizers
2012 OEE Student Leadership Team
2011 thinkPINKkids Clubs
2010 TJ Student Council
2009 Box City Vigil Committee
2008 Poplar Bridge Elementary R.E.A.C.H. Committee, Max Woodrich and Doug Ellingson (thinkpinkkids) (OMS), Ellie Smith, Kathleen Cameron and Arlo Stafford-Cheetah Theatre (VVMS)
2007 St Luke’s Lutheran Teen in Ministry Group and Kennedy Shills USA
2006 Bloomington Jefferson Connection Jefferson Student Council
2004 Bloomington Youth Coffeehouse Initiative Tomorrow’s Voices Today (Teen TV show)

Individual Adult Recognition Award

Year Award Winnners
2014 Kelsi Cathers (JHS Volunteer) Bob Ostrowskii (VVM Volunteer)
2013 Melissa Riebel
2012 Linda Haugen
2011 Fred L Lips (JHS)

Community Groups Recognition Award

Year Award Winners
2014 Ed Foundation of Bloomington
2013 Bloomington Athletic Association (BAA)
2012 Bloomington Heritage Days
2011 Oasis for Youth
2010 Las Charlas
2009 Bloomington Noonday Rotary-STRIVE Program Mentors
2008 Companies to Classrooms
2007 Northwestern Health Science University
2006 Bloomington Breakfast Optimist Club Hope for Tomorrow