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Central Grounds Open

03/27/2011, 3:40am CDT
By BUY Webmaster Archived: DEC. 10th Ishan

The work of many has paid off!

Central Grounds opens its doors at Creekside Community Center at 2:30pm on Friday, April 8, 2011! With that there are a few Jefferson High School students making murals for the upcoming coffee house. The plan is to paint Central Grounds on April 5th,2011. The city still needs to give the okay for the decorating to start!

Central Grounds is a teen center run by and for Bloomington area high school students. Located in the Creekside Community Center, Central Grounds is a place where teens can hang out, be with friends, listen to music, have something to eat, watch a video, play a game, do homework, or otherwise “chill” and have fun.


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