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10/07/2011, 3:14pm CDT
By Archived: Ishan

This was originally posted 3/01/2011 at 3:07pm

 Bloomington United For Youth will be getting a great new professionally designed website for FREE as part of The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge, which matches up local non-profits with teams of web professionals who volunteer their time. ("Needy meets Nerdy"). The "Nerds Teams", each get assigned to a non-profit who's "made the cut" (that's us!) and compete to create the best website in only 24 hours.

Special thanks to those who are making this possible, including:

  • Maureen Bartolotta & Cindy McInroy, who created our winning submission
  • Ishan Sahu, BUY's webmaster, who's brought us this far web-wise and will partner with our assigned "Nerd Team" to create the new site
  • All those who submitted testimonials on behalf of BUY (Read them... they're GREAT!)
  • The Nerdery, a Bloomington based web development outfit, which sponsors the Overnight Website Challenge

Thank you, and we will keep you updated! 

-Take a look around, click here for all the information! 


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